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Welcome to the World of PracTacular

Three decades in the making

The PracTacular tale is a hybrid story of the classic boy meets girl.  What do you get when a Dreamer/Builder Boy meets a Practical/Designer Girl?. . . Over thirty years of life experiences blending the two into one which equals PracTacular.M&D HEAD shot 1.0

Mike and Dawn have been a HOME “Fix iT / Improve iT / Décor iT” kind of couple for the past 32 years. They are passionate about creating things with great function that are blended with both beautiful design and finishes. PracTacular is a word they  created to describe both their Life and design philosophies. They live this philosophy with this life guideline, “Keep the PRACtical in balance with the specTACULAR!”

Thank you for visiting our site and welcome to the World of PracTacular HOME!

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iT's Your HOME. Make iT Your Own.

No two HOMEs are the same.
There are endless Shapes, Sizes, and Flavors based on the
humans dwelling in them.
Our life experience has proven this statement
time and time again!
This is why we are so passionate about helping others
and sharing our PracTacular ideas on How.2 Fix iT, Improve iT, and Decor iT.

Fix iT:

Repair & Maintain Your HOME

At age 15, Mike started Fixing things around his grandmothers house.  With 30 bucks, he bought an electric hedge trimmer and some business cards and his life long Fix iT: career was launched.


Improve iT:

Refresh & Remodel PACKAGES

We have whittled down the seemingly millions of HOME improvement choices into a beautiful array of practical yet spectacular design options that fit both your personal budget and style.


Decor iT:

Decorating Your HOME Through the SEASONS

For years, Dawn has been decorating and redecorating HOMEs to give each season of life a special look and feel. We call it ‘Seasons by Dawn’ and now it’s time to share iT with all of you.

Products & Services


With Mike working as a professional Contractor & Maintenance Technician, he sees iT all, everyday. Here we share some of the featured and sometimes interesting highlights.

Our Portfolio

Enjoy some photos of what PracTacular HOME has been up to

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